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WaterClaims ... the next generation of water mitigation networks

Why Another Network?

-Our co-founder was President of Alacrity Services, one of the first contractor networks, for four years. The following six years he was co-founder and President of Genesis Solutions Design as a spin-off of Alacrity and developed much of the software on which Alacrity and some insurance carriers rely every day.

When a Fortune 100 company acquired Alacrity and Genesis Solutions, he seized the opportunity and co-founded a new company and set out to build a better, more efficient solution. This solution relies upon simplicity to request service, a mix of human intervention coupled with superior technology creating delighted customers. The result is a consumer centric, professional contractor-based network that adjusters, consumers, agents and contractors alike can initiate at a fraction of the cost of models of yesteryear.

Market Watch

As mentioned, technology has played a part in the changing of many industries including ours. GPS allows location of homes with geocoding. Apps are a great way to hail a cab and track pickup locations. Instant customer surveys measure consumer reaction to service providers. As a result, it’s been said that 82% of consumer decisions now are made based on fellow customer ratings, which makes perfect sense. We took all of these factors into account over the last three years in developing our new solution.

How it works

Quite simply, we developed maps that display on a web site, yours, ours or both, the location of a consumer in need of water mitigation help the moment they land on our site. At the same time all of the contractors in our network use our App to display their office location as well as field technicians within a 40-mile radius of that consumer. With the click of a button they can auto request the closest contractor or hover over the office and mobile icons to view the names, quickly review their profile and make their selection. Both methods have a simple request form, in which email, address, and property ownership are validated to avoid “false alarms”. Your company receives instant notification and our technology keeps you both in the loop from that point on. At the end of the first day, when your responder is 800 yards away, a customer satisfaction survey is triggered with one question, a response box and star rating. Our experience has shown a positive response on over 90% of the surveys.

Competitive Advantage

Our management team has years of experience in the industry, from claims adjusting to ownership of independent adjusting firms to the C-Suite of established managed networks. Our technology side has some of the brightest minds in their respective areas of expertise. Together with the best contractors it is a winning combination.

Fee schedule

Our fees are a two-prong approach.

One: We are providing tools; a mobile app, web site map, dispatch, tracking and reporting of employee travels as well as customer satisfaction surveys that can be utilized on every job you have, regardless of where it emanates. For that, a subscription fee of $50/month is charged to your credit card automatically via No contracts required and the subscription can be cancelled at any time.

Two: We provide listings with your company profile as well as maps showing your office location and mobile users (basically expanding your company footprint) on three of our web sites:, and Any leads from those sites to your firm will incur a flat-rate fee of $79.00, again charged directly to your credit card via With an industry average of $4200 per mitigation job, competing networks would be charging $300 plus. At 20 jobs per month we would save you over $50,000 per year. Join our team, expand your reach, lower your cost and improve your margins.


We have been running a pilot program in Arkansas for the last 6 months, thanks to a progressive insurance company, allowing us to fine tune and perfect our model. We are now expanding, looking for the best contractors to complete our network. At some point we may cap the number of contractors for a given area so move quickly to ensure your spot. We will actively be marketing agents, consumers, and insurance companies. The majority of claims are self-directed by policy holders which is where our initial major focus will be.

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