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GPS Location, Tracking, and Assignment

Active in all of Arkansas, growing the rest of the country, city by city, state by state. is loading...

How the map works

  • The red map icon near the center should be approximately where you are. If you don't see the icon or it is not where you are, click search and input your address *.
  • Hover over a "house" or "vehicle" and it will display the name of that mitigation company.
  • You can get a response by clicking on a "house", "vehicle", or the Instant Response button and filling out the short form.
  • You will receive an instant response and be kept in close communication from that moment to the conclusion of the job when you will receive a Certificate of Dry.

*See our terms of use for complete details but we do not use or share any of your personal information, email, phone numbers, address for any use other than the handling of your specific job request

Available 24 hours a day 365 days a year

No matter when you have water troubles, a contractor is only a few clicks away.

Emergency Water Claims Response

Not all water events result in an insurance claim but they should all be handled in the same way, by a trained water mitigation specialist.

Professionally Certified Contractors

Water remediation is a science. As such, specialized training is necessary for the proper mix of equipment and placement. All of our contractors are certified by the IICRC in water mitigation to provide you peace of mind


All of us in water mitigation know that the quicker the drying process starts, the less damage is incurred, and the sooner your life gets back to normal.
WaterClaims focuses on you, the customer, by combining GPS location of offices and trained personnel that provide the fastest response times in the industry.
Communications with your provider commence immediately, and continue by providing you a profile of the technician and a link to watch him on the way so you know exactly when he will arrive.
You can also expect a very brief, one question, customer survey upon the completion of the initial visit.

Free of Charge

This service is totally free of charge to you. Contractors pay a small network fee to participate, utilize our technology, and make them more efficient by enhancing their existing process.

We Are New And Growing

Although our model is new, unique and transforming, we bring many years of industry experience with us. We are actively recruiting the best of the best contractors who share our "Customer First" DNA.

If you are one of those and would like to join us, please click the Contractor Login at the top right and start by Registering and we will have someone from our Certification and Credentialing Team contact you to start the process.